ABMA Member Committees

Behavior Management Fund Committee
Co-Chairpersons – Cinnamon Williams and Genevieve Warner

The Behavior Management Fund Committee coordinates the development of descriptions of Scholarships and Grants including application and recipient criteria, the benefits of each Scholarship/Grant, the Scholarship/Grant review process, and the fundraising strategies necessary to support ABMA Scholarships/Grants that the BMF Committee develops. The Behavior Management Fund Committee ensures the continued financial health of the Behavior Management Fund and the continuing development of ABMA Scholarships and Grants.

This committee does not need members at this time.

Conference Committee

Co-Chairpersons – Annette Pedersen, Wouter Stellaard, Martin Van Hess, and Kris Jansen

This committee works closely with the 1st Vice President to organize the annual conference including arranging the schedule, speakers, workshops and events.

This committee does not need members at this time.

Conference Content Advisory Committee
Co-Chairpersons- Jeremy Dillon and Antonio Ramirez

The Conference Content Advisory Committee serves the important function of ensuring that the content of the annual conferences is of the highest quality and relevance to the ABMA membership. This committee assists the conference committee by suggesting speakers, maintaining a conference template, ensuring workshops and demonstrations are rotated as needed so that current topics of interest are explored, and acquiring the CEU credits for each conference. The CCA committee reviews and scores abstract submissions and works with the conference committee to select poster and paper presentations for each conference. The committee also maintains a historical document that contains previous workshop presenters and keynote speakers.

Yes, members are needed for this committee!

Education Committee
Chairperson – Missy Lamar

The Education Committee is responsible for educating the membership, future members, and other like-minded organizations about the ABMA and what we offer as an organization. This committee creates brochures and advertisements, as needed, for educational purposes to better promote the function of the ABMA. For the annual conference, the education committee is responsible for organizing career night as well as hosting the hospitality suite.

This committee does not need members at this time.

Government Affairs

Chairperson – Justin Garner and Sandy Jabas

The Government Affairs Committee monitors and reviews proposed government rulemaking, regulations, and laws regarding animal behavior management for both domestic and exotic species. The committee reviews all proposed rules, regulations and laws on the federal register and recommends action to the board of directors.

Yes, members are needed for this committee!

Honors and Awards Committee

Co-Chairpersons – Jennifer Hennessy and Ashley Friedman

The responsibilities of the Honors and Awards Committee include all aspects of judging and awards at the annual conference. This includes selecting judges, ordering awards, overseeing judges throughout the process, processing the “impact award”, tallying votes, and presenting awards.

This committee does not need members at this time.

Membership Committee

Chairperson – Jessica Robinson

The Membership Committee’s main objectives are to brainstorm ways to increase new and retain current memberships. This committee works cooperatively with other ABMA committees to ensure that the ABMA members’ expectations and needs are met. It continues to search for ways that AMBA can better serve its members. In addition, the Membership Committee also looks for ways to reach out to prospective members. To do this, committee members distribute information about the AMBA at their facilities, conferences or other related meetings. Finally, the Membership Committee also looks for ways to promote the AMBA and its core values.

Yes, members are needed for this committee!

Merchandise Committee

Chairperson-Traci Schneekloth

The Merchandise Committee is responsible for anything related to the merchandise needs for the organization. This includes providing ideas and prices to the board of directors for items to sell at each annual conference, working with the conference committee for ideas for the conference bags and giveaways, and making sure the appropriate permits are in place for sales and raffles for each conference location. The committee chair is also responsible for working with the conference committee to coordinate the scheduling of volunteers to help with sales at each conference. During the rest of the year, the chair is responsible for any merchandise inquiries and mail order sales.

This committee does not need members at this time.

Nominations and Elections Committee

Chairperson- Scott Trauger

The Nominations and Elections Committee, chaired by the past president, solicits and reviews nominations for the board of directors; puts together a slate for approval by the board; and coordinates the election of the slate by the membership.

This committee does not need members at this time.

Proceedings Committee

Chairperson- Maura Davis

The proceedings committee collects, edits, and formats papers from all of the presentations and posters at the annual conference. The committee then compiles these papers into a PDF file. This PDF file can be found on the website as a member benefit. As a member you can read the online proceedings from all our conferences even if you did not attend!

Yes, members are needed for this committee!

Public Affairs Committee

Chairperson – Julie Grove

The Public Affairs committee is responsible for communications with the membership and marketing of the organization. This committee maintains social media such as the ABMA’s Facebook and Twitter sites and is responsible for maintaining regular contact with the members through bulk email at least once per month. In addition, the committee maintains records of any press coverage received by ABMA and sends out press releases on behalf of the ABMA. The public affairs committee coordinates joint press releases with hosting institutions in advance of the annual conference.

Yes, members are needed for this committee!

Publications Committee

Chairperson- Cathy Schlott

The Publications Committee is responsible for putting together and publishing the quarterly member newsletter, the ABMA Engage. This involves solicitation of articles and other content, reviewing and editing submissions, formatting the newsletter, and working with the printing company to have it printed and mailed to members.

This committee does not need members at this time.

Research and Evaluation Committee

Chairperson-  Kelly Salamone

The responsibilities of the Research and Evaluation Committee are to address the use of behavioral research as a husbandry tool to enhance animal welfare and management in both captivity and the wild and to increase awareness of on-going behavioral research relevant to member interests. The committee also facilitates contact with in-situ research projects in collaboration with the Behavior Management Fund. Finally, the committee conducts inquiry-based assessments, governance evaluations, and other research-related endeavors as needed by the ABMA, including annual conference and member surveys.

This committee does not need members at this time.

Site Selection Committee

Chairperson- Kelly Elkins

The Site Selection Committee is responsible for potential conference locations. This committee makes the initial connections with institutions looking to host a future conference, then researches the possibility of a facility for a potential conference location, which may include possible travel to this location. Ultimately, a conference site is chosen based on this committee’s recommendations.

This committee does not need members at this time.

Sponsorship Committee

Chairperson – Alicia Sampson

The ABMA is a 501c(3) non-profit organization. This committee is responsible for researching, identifying, and securing funding sources to support the ABMA.

Yes, members are needed for this committee!

Website Committee

Chairperson- Heather Samper

The Website Committee is mainly responsible for the maintenance of all aspects related to the website including making updates to the site, handling website feedback, managing job postings, maintaining website security, working with the website administrator, and determining future improvements for the website.  This committee also oversees the storage and distribution of the video documentation of the conference presentations.

This committee does not need members at this time.