S. Hunter Grant

To honor one of the leaders in the animal field and distinguished ABMA president, Sue Hunter, we are pleased to announce a grant in her name.

The Sue Hunter Animal Welfare Grant is an annual competitive grant that will provide financial support up to $2,000 addressing the following criteria. The grant should include at least 1 of the following criteria (Note: Documenting and evaluating how the assistance will help your program will be necessary to receive funding for your project):
? A program that needs assistance with purchasing materials for operant conditioning training.
? A program that needs assistance with purchasing materials for animal enrichment needs.
? A program that could use assistance with funds for a conservation project that is effecting a positive change for the conservation of a species.

Utilize this link Sue Hunter Grant for the application.  It will lead you to the submission process where you will download all information needed for the grant approval process into an online document.  The deadline is October 1st of each year.  Should your project receive funding, we will disburse funds as specified in the award letter.  Recipients will be notified by November 1st of the same calendar year.  The institution receiving the funding will be responsible for ensuring all grant requirements are met, including in the event of staff buy nexium taiwan changes.  If grant requirements are not met, the receiving institution is expected to return funds to the ABMA.

Grant funds must be spent within 12 months after the grant is awarded, and a final report, including itemized receipts, sent to suehuntergrant@gmail.com, is required within two (2) months of the completion of the project.  The final project report will be published in one of our quarterly newsletters for our membership.  The ABMA reserves the right to display and promote this project on their website and other social media pages.  The ABMA will require an update for a midyear report that will be due to the board before the ABMA Midyear meeting (turned in by September 1st) and must be completed for use on theabma.org and the ABMA Facebook page.  The grant reward recipient will receive an invitation to present their final project at an ABMA Annual Conference to show our membership the results of the grant and how it was able to help the animals in their care.  If accepted, the ABMA will offer a reimbursement of $500 for travel, a compensated registration for the conference and pay for half room hotel fee.  The applicant will need to acknowledge the Animal Behavior Management Alliance in its publications, presentation and academic media forums.